We have 4 ways to get us your media to us:

1.  Open Office Drop off and Pickup

Schedule Office Drop off

910 16th Street Mall Unit 223 Denver, CO 80202

Mom-Sat: Call or email ryan@valleyhomemovies.com to schedule appointment


Parking meters line both Champa and Curtis Streets @ $.25 per 15 minutes.

Parking garage going west on Champa between 16th and 17th.  $2 per 10 min.

2. Curbside Drop off and Pickup

Schedule Curbside Dropoff

To make it easier on our customers who are looking for a more drive through and cost effective service we started the curbside drop-off. We’re looking to ease the unpleasantness of finding or paying for parking downtown. Primary curbside is recommended but if there is already a vehicle or equipment using that spot the secondary curbside location can be used. Please call before dropping off media to arrange primary or secondary location (see photos to the right) and vehicle information for identification purposes. Please call to schedule this service. 720-229-2605

3. Free Pickup and Delivery Service

Schedule At-Home Pickup

To make VHM more accessible to a larger market we are now offering FREE pickup and delivery services. Please call or schedule online to set up this service.

4. Shipping

Shipping an order into VHM is simple, easy and inexpensive. We recommend United States Postal Service Priority Mail for cost and ease of use. You can either use your own box or use one of the USPS flat rate priority boxes provided at the post office. Shipping rates currently range from $5.70 for a small box, $11.30 for a medium box or $15.70 for a large box. Make sure all media is secured packaged with packaging paper or bubble wrap. In addition, please call and confirm your shipment has arrived in accordance with the tracking information provided by the carrier.

Ship to:

910 16th Street

Unit 223

Denver, CO 80202