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About Us

Valley Home Movies (VHM) is a product of Matt D’Amico who is an native of Colorado, moved around the country and settled in South Florida for 22 years only to move back to Colorado to start his own business.

It was in south Florida where Matt developed his interest in digital videography and video editing as new trends in the modern technology revolutionized the way video could be captured, edited and published.

With this great interest Matt encouraged the skateboarding and surfing enthusiasts of South Florida, particularly in the Deerfield Beach area, to appreciate the benefits and advantages of digital videography. After putting together a promo video the local sports pros liked what they saw and Matt began shooting, producing and editing for them.

After a few years in Deerfield Beach Matt decided to move into a more corporate/management role to better understand the businesses side of the industry. After meeting with a national digital transfer owner from Canada, Matt was given an opportunity to manage a chain out of Southern Florida. Although the four years of his management position were full of challenges, with Matt’s passion of the business, he managed profitability every year with impeccable customer satisfaction.

After the success managing the digital transfer company Matt decided to couple his industry knowledge with his editing, producing and transfer skills and relocate to Denver, Colorado to open Valley Home Movies (VHM).

VHM started with the concept of offering a digital transfer to at an affordable price without the loss of quality. Matt has helped thousands of people to fully transfer their old memories into a digital format. This has been the best contribution VHM has had for the lives of the people who have been touched. Whether a simple digital transfer or a full production the memories are made to be cherished and can be enjoyed forever because it can be protected from any destructive elements that could make the memories fade.

With his 10+ years of producing, editing, and transferring experience Matt continues to improve and expand the Valley brand as the continuously changing times open up more avenues of memory capture and sharing!